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13 ways India have changed since Modi came to Power. #PositiveIndia

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Ever since Narendra Modi government came to power with a historic mandate in May 2014, Modi has been successful in ensuring political stability and providing decisive leadership with bold decisions. Today you can support or criticize his decisions, but you just can’t ignore the changes he brought as Prime Minister of India. So what has changed since 2014? We turned into social media platform to find out..

Yesterday we came a cross a thread of tweets by Renuka Jain (@RenukaJain6) on what has changed since 2014. In this series of 13 tweets Renuka Jain , a Chartered Accountant by Profession, echos the sentiments of thousands of common citizens of India:

  1. We all got close to our country. That nationalism suddenly hit us like a tsunami. We got swayed away.
  2. We started talking of GDP , inflation, development, currency replacing 2G, 3G, coal scam, common wealth scam.
  3. We proudly raised our head with pride on our international travel. Yes we are from India, a force to reckon with replaced head hand shame.
  4. Farmers started talking of bank accounts & digital India. They felt empowered with online transactions which they felt was for rich.
  5. We started talking about toilets as basic necessity. Dark houses became home with power connections at poor places.
  6. We gave up our LPG subsidy voluntarily so that a woman in village can have LPG & not struggle with cooking.
  7. We started watching stock market movements on daily basis. Financial assets which made sense became darling of common man.
  8. We joined the race of no black money till 2019 by linking Aadhar to every asset. That is huge.
  9. A common citizen thought of having a house of his own as now he can afford the property & real estate guy cannot take him for ride.
  10. We head News every day of big business house in trouble for not paying loans. The loans granted in 2013 era.
  11. We have a PM who speaks his heart out working 24X7. Replacing a puppet who was run by dynasty for their own good.
  12. We have on one hand honest citizens who always paid taxes but got nothing back to other who evaded. First one love Modi. Others hate him.
  13. We look forward to artificial intelligence in every aspect, sea plane, bullet train, Infra products rather than growing fiscal deficit.

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Click on the link to see the tweet thread by @RenukaJain6

Renuka Jain sums up her series of tweets showing full faith in Narendra Modi and his vision of new India. And this is exactly how entrepreneur duo Basant Rai and Anuj Singh also feels and writes in 5 Positive Moments From The Year 2017.

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