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Woke up early today, as I was invited by a designer friend to help him out with a photo shoot for the print ad. campaign of his upcoming collection.

7:45 am: I am at the studio.

8:30 am: Everyone is at the studio including the designer, makeup artist, stylist, photographer, assistance and MOMS..

Wait! did I missed something..!?!

Oh! Yes, the 2 Models who are the face of the campaign. But they were so much in the shadow of their mothers, I could hardly notice them.

Scene 1: The Makeup room

Mom1Arre meri beti par ye bronze nahi peach eye shadow achchha lagta hai, bilkul ‘AAisha’ ki Sonam Kapoor ki tarah lagti hai is makeup me. Eye shadow change karo bhai.

(Wonder! why the designer, the makeup artist and the stylist spend hours to decide on the looks. See! Aunti hardly took seconds to dictate it)

Mom2Betu ko palla aise nahi, thoda pichhe se dal ke niche tak jane dijiye, tabhi to uski height lambi lagegi. Aur ye blouse bhi iske sang nahi jaa raha hai contrast ki jagah matching hona chahiye. 

(Why did agency hired a stylist, when mother can decide as to what to wear and how to wear it, I thought)

Scene 2: Model is posing in front of the camera, following the photographer’s cue.

Mom2Betu, pose aise nahi aise do, pav idhar rakho.. aur right hand aise upar uthao.. kamar bhi thoda curve karo.. arre..

(Have a heart aunt! what you want to prove..!?! That you are a better model than your daughter)

Today’s incidence made me wonder, why do these mothers tag along with their daughters at shoots, in shows, inside the greenroom and other places.

The most common answer is, Modelling as a profession is not good and safe for girls. If you also think the same then why the hell is your daughter here…. EXIT.

Please understand, Modelling as a profession is as safe (or not safe) as any other profession. Here is how…

  • Everyday the newspaper carries the headlines about  rapes, eve teasing, and sexual harassment happening in the colleges. But you still send your daughters to the college. And you DO NOT ACCOMPANY them inside the college campus.
  • Everyone knows how the females are treated by their seniors and co workers in the corporate world. Yet you are the happiest person when your daughter gets the appointment letter. And you DON’T ACCOMPANY her inside her cabin in the office.
  • Like models even journalists have erratic working hours, dead lines to meet. And they face it all by themselves without their mothers tagging along at work place.

So treat Modelling as any other profession and have faith in your daughter. Like any other profession all it needs is hard work, dedication and honesty towards the profession. It is no different from any other profession except for the fact that here GLAMOUR comes as perk.

Modelling as a profession is as safe (or not safe) as you want it to be. Click To Tweet


I understand your worries as a parent. Here are few of the tips to insure a safe working environment for your daughters/sons who aspires to become a model:

  1. Do your homework. Figure out the credibility of the agency/individual who is representing your sons and daughter in modelling industry.
  2. Check out the kind of clients the agency/individuals have.
  3. Get all the legal contracts checked by legal experts before signing it.
  4. keep an eye on the kind of auditions your child is going for.
  5. Avoid local beauty pageants unless it has a track record of giving good platform(which is rare).
  6. make your child understand that modelling is 90% hard-work and 10% glamour.

Now the most important piece of advice:

  • You can always say NO to the assignments offered to your child. But once the contract is signed, let your child take the lead.
  • If due to any unavoidable circumstances you have to accompany her to the shoot or the show, do not disturb the crew members and other people associated with the show.

Do not try to be a SUPER MOM;
If you want to be a proud mother of a SUPERMODEL.

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