Is Vogue India missing the essence of Vogue?

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Vogue India January 2018 edition is out. It features Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor wearing Melissa Odabash and Gucci. In the first look everything seems perfect. Now dig deep and go through the covers of all the 2017 editions. Do you see a distinct trend here? Yes! Bollywood rules the covers in almost all the editions of 2017. Is Vogue India banking too much on Bollywood to sell its copy on stand? Is it missing the very essence of being vogue? Read on.. 

Vogue India, January 2018 Issue Cover
Vogue India January 2018 Edition

“The Indian woman has begun identifying her style, one that doesn’t simply ape the West, or stick to traditional Indian wear. We want to monitor that change.”

-Priya Tanna, Managing Editor, VOGUE INDIA

With these strong words by Priya Tanna, VOGUE launched it’s India edition 10 years ago. VOGUE magazine across the world, is known for being the strong voice that communicates with its women audience. It is not just a fashion magazine, it rather celebrates and empowers women. So when India got its own share of the magazine to celebrate our own Indian beauty, fashion style, everyone was excited.

The Cover Page of the first edition of VOGUE INDIA had an eclectic mix of strong and successful women, both from fashion and film fraternity.  It featured Bollywood stars Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra and Preity Zinta, along with Indian supermodels MoniKangana Dutta and Laxmi Menon, and Australian supermodel Gemma Ward. This Cover Page was a clear indication as to what to expect from the magazine, i.e, celebrate the diversity of Indian fashion and beauty. But over the period of 10 years, has the magazine been able to communicate the same through its cover?

The list of Vogue India cover models for 2017 suggests 13 out of 14 Covers (October issue had 3 cover pages celebrating 10th Anniversary) had Bollywood Actors and Actresses featured on it.

In a country like India where even Paan and Guthka Brands uses Bollywood to sell their products, how is VOGUE INDIA any different from other magazines that relies on Bollywood. Why we did not see many fashion models and any real Indian women gracing the cover in these 10 years?

Frankly speaking, if I have to read about Kareena Kapoor or her style, I will buy a FILMFARE  magazine. Why would I go for VOGUE INDIA.

Cover Page of a magazine with ‘VOGUE stature’ can influences thousands and millions of people. It has the power to debunk all the myths that are still prevalent in India. Myths like Bollywood actresses defines beauty. Or fair colour is better than brown..

So VOGUE INDIA in the year 2018, can we expect much variety in your magazine cover  that celebrates the women from diverse fields. How about  achievers like Saina Nehwal, who is young, beautiful, stylish and REAL?

To say the least, we would any time prefer a model from fashion industry over these Bollywood actresses who are anyways there all over the places.

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