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Basic Production Unit Setup requirement to start your own Clothing Line

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You have a dream! A dream to start your own clothing line.  You have worked on your niche, done your research.  Your business plan is ready. You have partnered with all the stake holders to start your business. And most importantly, you have acquired all the legal licences to start your business.

Now, comes the most important phase to start your fashion brand, i.e, the production unit set up. In a clothing line business, the production unit set up can make or break your business. From simple needle to heavy sewing machine, every item adds on to your cost of production and the efficiency. So, you should know exactly what kind of set up you need to start your business.

Always remember the vision and the mission statement of your business while deciding on the infrastructure set up. It helps you to be in the budget without missing out on any machine/product to make your garment the way you want it to be.

To make your work easier, I am listing the basic set up requirement to start your own clothing line below. But before setting up the production unit do not forget the basics to start the fashion business.

List of basic set up requirement to start your own clothing line:

  1. Mannequin Dress Form (Female)
  2. Mannequin Dress Form (Male)
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Cutting Table
  5. Pattern Making Table
  6. Cutting Mat
  7. Fabric Steamer
  8. Table Top (Iron Board)
  9. Steam Iron
  10. Hem Gauge
  11. Tracing Wheel
  12. Armhole curve
  13. Single Curve
  14. Thread Cutter
  15. Steam Reaper
  16. French Curve
  17. Hip Curve
  18. Styling Curve
  19. Dressmaker pins
  20. L Square
  21. AWL
  22. 18″ Transparent plastic Ruler
  23. Yardstick
  24. Sketch and tracing Roll
  25. Muslin
  26. 9″ Fabric Shear

You can buy some of the above items to start your clothing line here online:

Disclaimer: The products shown above are for representation purpose only. I am neither paid to endorse nor do I endorse any of the above shown products.

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Did I missed out on any of the the item? Please COMMENT. I would be more than happy to include it.

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