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Hello friend. Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2018. May this year bring all the joy and happiness for you, your family and all your near & dear ones. Talking about family, have you ever realised, that the moment you move out of your house to the time you are back home, they are always worried about your safety. And one of their worries is about the road accidents. So as the Ambassador of INSPIRING INDIA, I thought of talking to you about the road safety. Just to inform you, INSPIRING INDIA is a Lucknow based Not for Profit organisation working extensively for road safety. And fasten your seat belts, is one of their ongoing campaign.

The Indian automotive industry is a fast growing industry and this growth has led to another factor related to the industry i.e, deaths due to accidents. Statistics report 55 people die on the Indian roads every hour! it means 1,320 people lose their lives every day because of road accidents. And, what is more saddening is that most of these lives are lost because of a very weak sense of self-protection. For example more than 5,000 deaths are caused because of not following seat belt rules.

The “Seat belt Use in India – 2017” survey conducted by Maruti Suzuki India across 17 cities in all regions covering over 2,500 drivers and passengers further indicates that only strict enforcement can make more people wear their seat belts with 80% respondents saying it was the fear of police action and fines which motivated them to wear seat belts. It further states, Only one in every four car occupants use seat belts. Aren’t we compromising with our lives by not wearing a seat belt while driving?

I was reading an article by Maruti’s Executive Director of R&D, C V Raman, where he rightly questioned the low sense of self-protection among we Indians. In his article he writes:

“Car companies are investing in extensive research, testing, and evaluation to ensure these cars meet advanced safety norms. In Maruti Suzuki, for example, we crash test 35-40 cars of each model at our advanced R&D Centre in Rohtak (Haryana) before we can be satisfied that it meets the forthcoming safety norms.

All this effort and investment is being made to minimize injury and fatalities in road accidents. Nearly 1.5 lakh people die on Indian roads each year. Disturbed by this, Mr Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways, and Shipping has taken the challenge of bringing this to half by 2020. As automobile engineers, it gives us great satisfaction to be contributing our efforts to a national goal.

However, all these efforts may be nullified if we do not acquire a basic habit: putting on the seat belt while traveling in an automobile. Strange as it may seem, the more advanced the safety features in a car, the more critical is the role of the humble seat belt. For example, in a vehicle with airbags, if the passengers are not wearing the seat belt at the time of a crash, an airbag could end up causing harm to the passengers.”

It’s high time we should educate ourselves and our friends about these basic road safety measures like putting on the seat belt. And this is one of the reason why I agreed to be the Ambassador for INSPIRING INDIA and actively be a part of the campaign सड़क सुरक्षा का संकल्प  (Pledge for road safety).

When it’s founders Dr.Vikrant Singh & Mr. Ankit Srivastava came to me I was moved by their strong sense of commitment for the cause. I had all the reasons to be the face and the voice of Inspiring India because it is people like them who is working on building a new India, a #PositiveIndia, And as a responsible citizen it is my responsibility to give my best to such causes.

With the mission to to have a society free from road accidents, Dr Vikrant Singh and Amit Srivastava started the biggest Road safety Campaign  सड़क सुरक्षा का संकल्प  & Save a Life in Uttar Pradesh. They firmly believe that if people get trained and come forward to help, we can save more than 50% of life’s.

“We aimed to make Uttar Pradesh free from Road Accidents deaths. To this day they have motivated more than 10,000 people to take pledge for road safety & follow traffic rules. Not only this, they have also distributed 5000 Emergency Medical Card (Detailed information of victim- like blood group, contact details, etc)”, says Dr Vikrant.

Today they are getting support from everyone including celebrities from Indian Film fraternity.

Join Fasten your Seat Belts campaign initiated by INSPIRING INDIA on their Facebook Page here.

At the end let me be honest with you, no amount of rules and awareness program can save us from being the victim of a road accident unless we get into the habit of safe driving. And putting on seat belt while driving is one of them. Remember, seat belts are any time better than a stretcher.

OK! before signing off let me ask you a question bluntly:

Do you put on the seat belts every time while driving a four wheeler? 

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