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*Important: Read the TERMS & CONDITIONS before submitting the Article.

**Read and follow the GUIDELINES given below for submission of the Article.



Guidelines for the submission of  the Article for publication:

  1. Topic: The article should be NON FICTION, inspiring stories about people, events, opinions on Entrepreneurship, Fashion and Lifestyle, Khadi, Social Causes, Indian Politics, Mainstream Media and Social Media.
  2. Category: The articles should be categorised under:
    • Khadi: All article related to the hand spun, hand woven, eco friendly fabric – Khadi;
    • New India Initiatives: All the articles related to events that helps in building the better India;
    • Inspiration Board: All the articles that does not fall into the above mentioned two categories should be categorised as Inspiration Board.
  3. Word count: A Blog Post may not contain more than 1.500 words.
  4. Language: English or Hindi.
  5. Clear language: All Articles should be written in a clear language, with observation of rules of English/Hindi grammar and spelling. We accept posts complying with either U.S. or U.K. rules of spelling, provided that one system is used consistently throughout the article.
  6. Structure: Contributors are encouraged to enhance the clarity of their article by a clear structure. Such structure may be achieved by using paragraphs or subtitles, where appropriate.
  7. Capitals: Capitals are generally to be avoided, unless necessary or appropriate for the sake of clarity.
  8. Images: You may upload minimum of 1 image and maximum of 3 images per article.
  9. Image Size: Image size should not be more than 2MB.
  10. Credit: The image should be duly credited to its owner.
  11. Author’s Bio: The article should include Author Bio(maximum of 50 words) at the end of the article.

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