Our Ventures

At MELANGE EVENTS we conceptualize and deliver effective results and recall intensive solution to communicate the brand proposition to its target group through glamorous events, maintaining excellent quality standards during this process. More..
IN SYNC - basant anuj is one of India’s most successful and respected design resources for KHADI textile and fashion. This design label was initially established by designer Basant Rai who was later joined by Anuj Sing. More..
With a vision to build new India, we are on a mission to nurture and empower creative minds. It is a plaform tor Crowdfunding creative and social initiatives. More..

Our Initiatives

At ANUJ BASANT COMMUNICATIONS we create and share inspiring videos. We cover topics ranging from fashion and lifestyle to entrepreneurship, social media to social causes. And these video content will inspire you to take a step forward to achieve your dreams and inspire others. More..
An social initiative for youths to connect, communicate and create new India. More..
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