Project HAI to fight against hunger in India

Welcome to Project HEY! Hunger Eradication and You (HEY) is a campaign where you can feed a poor hungry child with a click of a button. Join us to make India a hunger free India. Scroll down to know more about the it. And don't forget to press the "BELL' Icon for the latest updates..
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  • Donate Rs.50/-(one meal), Rs.100/-(two meals), Rs.500/-(Ten meals) or Rs.1000/-(Twenty meals).

  • With every 5000 meals raised in a month, we shall take care of the education expenses of 3 (three) children for one whole year. The expenses includes school uniform, books, stationery and school fees.

Every donation counts in empowering the underprivileged with the basics like two square meal.



The Problem of hunger in India

According to Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates in ‘The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, 2017” Report, 190.7 million people go hungry everyday in India. Although India produces sufficient food to feed its population, yet it is unable to provide access to food to a large number of people, especially women and children. Poverty and unequal distribution of food are two principal causes of hunger in India.

The adverse effects of hunger goes beyond the above statistics. For example:

  • Starting the day hungry or without the proper nutrients regularly, leads to loss of productivity.
  • Children who are always hungry and malnourished are also more likely to suffer when it comes to physical and cognitive skills development.
  • Insufficient nutrition at a young age scars a person for life. The ill effects are irreversible especially if unchecked during the first 1,000 days of a child.

The silver lining

There are many individuals and organisations who are working day and night to eradicate hunger from India. And our current government led by Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, is also committed to solve this problem.

“Poverty, lack of education & malnutrition – these are big challenges our nation faces. We need to bring a positive change in this regard.” -Shri Narendra Modi

But unless you commit yourself to this cause we cannot eradicate hunger from India.

What you can do right now?

You are fortunate enough to be blessed with four square meals and more. So why not help someone hungry with a plate of nutritious food.  And it won’t cost you more than a litre of your favourite cold drink.

Join project HEY (Hunger Eradication and You).

With project ‘Hunger Eradication and You(HEY)‘ you contribute Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty Only) for a meal for someone who needs it desperately. HEY is an online donation campaign to feed nutritious meal to hundreds of children.

Donation Amount

Choose your donation options from the following options:

  • Rs.50/- for one meal.

  • Rs.100/- for two meals.

  • Rs.500/- for ten meals.

  • Rs.1000/- for twenty meals.

Rewards for you

We know your generosity and kind gesture is beyond the worldly rewards. Yet this is our way of thanking you for your the love and support for project HEY. So here are the list of rewards for your contribution:

Pledge Rs.50/-

  • Honourable mention of your NAME on the monthly list of donors on our official facebook page .
  • A photograph of the child who is fed by your donation with a thank you note as “XYZ thank you Mr./Ms. ABC for the lovely treat” .

Pledge Rs.100/-

  • All of the above and,
  • Honourable mention of your name on the description of the monthly video dedicated to HEY on our Official YouTube Channel.

Pledge Rs.500/-

  • All of the above and,
  • Honourable mention of your name on our official website Thank You Page.

Pledge Rs.1000/-

  • All of the above and,
  • Your Photograph(subject to your permission) on our official website Thank You Page.
  • Honourable mention of your name by our host on our monthly video dedicated to HEY on our official YouTube Channel.

How Project HEY will impact the society?

Together, with your support we aim to make India a hunger free country, one meal at a time. Project HEY aims to impact the life of the underprivileged in two ways:

  1. Generate maximum number of meals every month for the poor.

  2. With every 5000 meals raised in a month, we shall take care of the education expenses of 3 (three) children for one whole year. The expenses includes school uniform, books, stationery and school fees.

Why are we crowdfunding HEY here?

Mission like HEY cannot be accomplished in isolation. And crowdfunding is the best platform to get in touch with people like you who believes in the cause and wants to change the world with positivism. So Crowdfunding gives you and me a chance, to come together without leaving our comfort zone and work for the change.

Crowdfunding is an online platform, it is one of the most transparent way to raise funds. Every rupee donated is visible to everyone and anyone who logs on to this page.

We are hosting Project HEY on our own crowdfunding platform called NAMAN – Crowdfunding new India because:

  • Since it is our own platform so we don’t have to pay the commission or hosting fees to anyone. So, every penny raised through this platform are utilised for  the cause.
  • NAMAN – Crowdfunding new India uses one of the most trusted and secure payment gateway i.e, Paytm. (If you do not have Paytm account you may REGISTER HERE to open the account.)


This campaign is initiated by Anuj Singh and Basant Rai. They are Lucknow based entrepreneurs, YouTuber and philanthropists. Apart from running there two ventures (AJNA – basant anuj and MELANGE EVENTS) they have been working extensively for bringing the positive change in the society.


We have a team of dedicated people and organisations who are working for hunger free India:

  •  GOMTI CONNECT: A platform for youths to connect, communicate and create new India. Read More..
  • FINGER FOOD: A capsule Cafeteria empowering the underprivileged youths with employment. Read More..
  • ANUJ BASANT COMMUNICATIONS: A YouTube Channel inspiring you to inspire others.

Scroll up and Click on the DONATE button to contribute for hunger free India. Don’t forget to share about Project HEY! with your friends and families on social media and other platform.

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