Building new India with fabric of India

Building New India with the Fabric of India – Digiloom Weaving Dreams

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DIGILOOM WEAVING DREAMS is a web Reality Series for aspiring and professional fashion Designers from India. Each episode  contestants face the challenge to create the best clothes within the restrictions of time, materials and theme. While theme and time limit varies in each episode, the fabric remains the same i.e, the fabric of India that includes Handloom and Khadi. Each Season consists of 10 + 10 Episodes before determining the WINNER of the season.

Building New India with the Fabric of India

India is a land of rich textile heritage that includes Handloom and Khadi fabric. It is this textile of India that defines the fabric of India. So, this web reality series challenge the designers to use Khadi and Handloom fabric only to create their look. This is to encourage the fashion designers to innovate something new with Handloom and Khadi fabric.

And for this we partnered with DIGILOOM – a premium handloom brand of India. As a Presenting Partner DIGILOOM curates and provides best of the fabric from their weaves across India. DIGILOOM provides these fabric free of cost to the participants for the challenge.


First Cut: In the first ten episodes, each episodes has 15-20 designer participants competing for a spot in the finals. And one winner per episode progresses to the finals.

Finals: Digiloom Weaving Dreams uses progressive elimination to reduce the final 10 fashion designers down to three or four before the grand finale challenge. In each non-finale challenge (the scope of one episode) the designers develops one or more pieces of new clothing and present it in front of the jury. This continues for 10 episodes before determining the Season Finale Winner.

Each episode winner gets the gift hampers and prizes by DIGILOOM (Click here to know more).


First generation entrepreneur duo ANUJ SINGH and BASANT RAI conceptualised and created this show.

The show is available on YouTube Channel ANUJ BASANT COMMUNICATIONS.

Watch the first episode on 15th February 2019 at 8 p.m. (Indian Standard Time)

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