AJNA basant anuj

“AJNA – basant anuj” is a designer label telling the story of hand spun, hand woven, eco friendly fabric – KHADI.


IN SYNC – basant anuj established itself as one of India’s most successful and respected design resources for KHADI textile and fashion. Each ‘IN SYNC – basant anuj‘ collection was the exploration of developing a quiet and modern design voice, while simultaneously drawing on the rich traditional vocabulary of Indian design & craft.

Taking this legacy forward, IN SYNC – basant anuj decided to include  KHADI Couture line in 2018 and AJNA – basant anuj was born.

AJNA – basant anuj is all about low key yet highly distinctive design sensitive with strong respect for material, form and craft. It is all about a very modern synergy between fashion, lifestyle and environment with a unifying vision for the way the contemporary urban consumer dresses and lives.

Our Founder Partner

Creative director of AJNA – basant anuj, the Indian born designer is constantly searching for the simplest way to express the complex design ideas. He is focused on conceptualizing and reinventing the KHADI story each season to keep it contemporary, directional and relevant both in India and Internationally.

A qualified dentist and an entrepreneur, he is the director of Sales for both the international and domestic markets. Besides the challenge of developing and creating new markets for the brand, he is also responsible for conceptualizing the designs of a A & T visual displays that is the key feature of the retail identity of the brand.


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