ways Influencers can bring Positive Change in the Society

5 ways Influencers can bring Positive Change in the Society

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Dear Influencers,

Congratulations! for being the voice that your audience really believes in. You influence the sentiments of your online audience in a particular direction regarding a brand, idea, business or person. In today’s age of social media you are the ROCK STAR.

I understand, it takes lots of dedication, hard-work and a well thought strategy to reach where you are today. Apart from all the brand endorsements and the perks associated with it, you as an influencer have:

  • HUGE FOLLOWERS base who TRUST your story on social media.
  • Power to INSPIRE people to buy the products and services you recommend.
  • NETWORKING skills that keeps your audience engaged and bring more audience.

With so much of power as an influencer, have you ever thought of using it to bring positive change in the society? Yes! with the kind of celebrity status you enjoy online today, you can very well do this. And guess what! your audience will see the new dimension of your personality. And they will feel more connected.

So here are the list of 5 ways you can bring positive change in the society:

1. Empower the needy:

I am sure you must have come across many artisans who sells amazing stuff on the streets near by to your place. How about a shout-out on instagram? Give all the details as you do for any brand you endorse on instagram. And your audience will talk/buy the product as they have been doing it so far. This way you are empowering that artisan on the street by creating a client base for him/her.

2. Campaign for a Cause:

As an influencer you must have successfully executed many social media campaigns for your clients. So, why not plan a campaign for the cause closer to your heart! Like we did this campaign #AaoDeepJalaye during Diwali festival. Our idea was to help the underprivileged families celebrate their Diwali with joy and happiness. Same way our on going social media initiative Gomti Connect is all about connecting, communicating and creating new India.

3. Provide a Platform:

Hai bloggers! do you know there is someone in your niche who needs your help to better their life? They could be some exceptionally talented designing student looking for that one article from a blogger like you. Or a promising startup entrepreneur who needs your expertise or mentor-ship. Why not reach out to them and provide a platform for them. For example, we are using this very website as a crowdfunding platform for select few projects that involves people from economically backward class as our website says:

Inspiring you to Inspire others

4. Associate with organisations/institutions

As an influencer you always need a team under you. Get associated with Institutions and Organisations working on the skills you are looking for. Approach schools and include their students in your editorial team. Or get associated with photography institutes and give a platform to the young talented photographer. Encourage people to write for your blog. No! I am not talking about guest blogging here. Just invite people to submit the article on the topic given by you.

5. Videos for a cause

As a Youtuber create video documentary, talk about the causes, start a web series to help the society. As I said earlier you will find some cause within your niche that needs your expertise. Like, we are starting four YouTube Series on our YouTube channel ANUJ BASANT COMMUNICATIONS, that aims to build new India, an empowered India.

These were few of the ideas as to how you can bring happiness in the lives of not so fortunate ones in the society. But you are not limited to these ideas only.  I know you have much more to offer on the table. After all you are known as an INFLUENCER for a reason.

So use this title to influence the life of others so that by the end of this year you can proudly do a post like: 5 Positive moments of this year.

Best Wishes,

Love Always.

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