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5 Positive Moments from the Year 2017 | #PositiveIndia

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“At the end of every year we recall events of the year gone by. Let us begin 2018 with a message of positivity. I urge you to compile about 5 positive things from this year & share with me. With #PositiveIndia, share your positive moments from 2017. This will inspire others”, said Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in his Mann Ki Baat address on 26th November 2017. So here we are, sharing our 5 positive moments from the year 2017..

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Watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to share the positive moments with #PositiveIndia

Every year December is a month of retrospect, planning and penning down the resolution for the coming year. And December, 2017 is no different. The year 2017 was an eventful year with full of ups and downs, many achievements and few misses on both personal and professional front for us. We will certainly share those moments also, but in some other post. Today we are here to share why we are very positive about India. And it is based on moments that we experienced in the year 2017, interacting with people from diverse fields with equally diverse socio-economic background.

1. Masses are largely supportive of the current government and its polices

For any country, it is very important for its people to have full faith in its government. It is this faith that gives the government a courage to take bold decisions in the favor of the country and its people. And the year 2017 proved that majority of the masses believes in the vision of the present government led by Modi. Remember the last quarter of 2016?

Cut to 8th Nov, 2017: This was the day when PM Modi announced DEMONETIZATION with an unscheduled appearance on the national television at 8PM. It was a much needed decision to end the parallel economy of black money and combat the problems like terrorism. It was a decision because that would effect every citizen of India. The implementation of the demonetization needed everyone to come out of their comfort zone. And opposition and certain section of the media and intelligentsia took this as an opportunity to create a narrative of demonetization as the biggest monster for the masses. But did the masses buy this narrative?

With this narrative the opposition came together against Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) in Uttar Pradesh 2017 Election. Demonetization was biggest agenda in the UP 2017 Election. And the election result shocked the opposition. Despite of initial problems faced during the implementation of demonetization, the people of UP showed full support to the ruling party at the Center. BJP got a landslide victory with 325 out of 403 seats.

UP17 Election victory after demonetization proved that masses are largely supportive of the current @BJP4India government led by @narendramodi. #PositiveIndia Click To Tweet

Our Personal Experience

We did a signature campaign in support of DEMONETIZATION with hashtag #WeAreWithNaMo. The campaign had our team going door to door with a meter of Khadi fabric each and get the signature in support of BJP government decision. The campaign ended on January 2017. And it was at this time we realized that the common people have full faith in the government.

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Watch 3 videos of #WeAreWithNaMo Signature Campaigns. Slide the video to watch the other two videos

2. Changing mindset of Indian Youths from job seekers to job creators

It is estimated that 300 million people will join India’s workforce between 2010 and 2040. This means India needs to create roughly 10 million jobs a year.

Until recently entrepreneurship was not so prevalent. Most of the Indian youths were driven by jobs, so their whole approach was to study hard and seek for the jobs across the country or abroad. Due to the lack of favourable ecosystem for entrepreneurship not many youths were ready to take the risk of starting their venture.  This led to the huge gap between the job seekers and the job creators. So how do we change the mindset of the youths and motivate them to be the job creator?

Ever since Narendra Modi took the office as Prime Minister in 2014, government of India started many schemes to foster entrepreneurship and startups. Schemes like Startup India, Mudra Yojana etc inspired the youths to chase their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. And within 3 years of government initiative, today the scenario is entirely different. Startup is the buzz word among the youths.

According to the survey by Dutch multinational human consulting firm Randstad Workmonitor, 83% of Indian workforce would like to be entrepreneurs, much higher than the global average of 53%. It also revealed that the inclination towards entrepreneurship is highest among workers aged between 25 and 34 years.

This is a welcome change in the mindset of Indian youths i.e, to be a JOB CREATOR rather than JOB SEEKERS.

83% of Indian workforce would like to be entrepreneurs, much higher than the global average of 53%. #Positive India Click To Tweet
Our Personal Experience

We are based out of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. In Lucknow most of the youths aspires to be civil servant or  move out of the city for higher studies and/or better job prospects. But this trend is changing now. If we take the number of invites we get now for seminars, workshops or panel discussions on startups and entrepreneurship, as indicator than we can proudly say that our Lucknow is catching up on being a job creator.

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Videos and Photos of some of the events on Entrepreneurship and Startups, that we have attended in the year 2017.


On March 12, 2017, Narendra Modi launched a nation building campaign #IAmNewIndia on NaMo App.

Never in our life had we felt so full of purpose and patriotic pride as we did then, after hearing him talk about #IAmNewIndia and the vision 2022. So like thousands of other fellow Indian, we too our I AM NEW INDIA Pledge. It was one of the most positive moment that gave every Indian, a vision and a reason to do something positive for our nation.

#IAmNewIndia was one of the most positive moment that gave every Indian, a vision and a reason to do something positive for our nation. #PositiveIndia Click To Tweet
Our Personal Experience

For us the new India pledge was not just a trending topic of the day on twitter or facebook. Rather it was a serious call that we wanted to continue as a mission. A mission that is self sustaining and grows over the period. So after one month of planning we initiated GOMTI CONNECT and DARE to build new India.

Today between our professional work and our core new India initiatives, we take out time to empower the weaker section of of the society. We believe in using social media platform effectively for propagating social causes. So in 2017 we initiated campaigns like UP Flood Relief, Aao Deep Jalaye, My Birthday My Cause, Awareness for underprivileged etc.

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Videos and photos of some of the campaigns that we initiated post #IAmNewIndia pledge

4. By Indian for India and the world

Soon after coming to power Narendra Modi announced Make in India. This was an effort to restore Indian-ness among other reasons. More than anything else Modi government has been able to change the prospective of India and the world with regards to anything Indian in a positive way. From Patanjali to Khadi the demand for anything Indian has increased in these three years.

This is a very positive sign for India and its economy.

By Indian for India and the world is a clear sign of #PositiveIndia Click To Tweet
Personal Experience

We belong to fashion industry. As the founder partner of two ventures, i.e, AJNA – basant anuj (Khadi designer label) and Melange Events (an event management company specialising in fashion and lifestyle events) we can say that our industry is now thriving on anything Indian.

For example, With Narendra Modi as face of khadi, sales up 89% in first half of this fiscal, reported Times of India on 30th Oct 2017

5. Our Initiatives for building new India

Last but not the least our one of the many positive moments was when we initiated following ventures to build new India:

  1. GOMTI CONNECT: A platform for youths to connect, communicate and create new India. More..
  2. DARE: A Web Reality Show to empower street vendors and entrepreneurs. More..
  3. NAMAN: Crowdfunding Creative Minds to build new India. More..
  4. FINGER FOOD: Capsule Cafeteria to empower the underprivileged. More..

Let’s build new India together. Take initiative now

About the Authors:

Anuj Singh

First Generation Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | Dentist | Believes in Sanatan dharma & Sustainable Lifestyle | I Am New India | Founder Partner: Melange Events, AJNA - basant anuj, DIGILOOM - Weaving Dreams

Basant Rai

First Generation Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | Fashion designer & Commentator | Believes in Sanatan dharma & Sustainable Lifestyle | I Am New India | Founder Partner: Melange Events, AJNA - basant anuj, DIGILOOM - Weaving Dreams

What is your Positive Moments from the year 2017. Comment and share.