5 Lessons Entrepreneurs can learn from Narendra Modi

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From selling tea to becoming the Prime Minister of India – the largest democracy of the world, NARENDRA MODI today is one of the most powerful leader in the world. His life is an encyclopedia on how to be successful with sheer grit and determination.
No wonder! today he is an inspiration for millions of people from all over the world. His journey offers many takeaways for people from every walks of life. As an entrepreneur I have learned many a traits by following his moves. And implementing those traits have always helped me better myself. So here I am sharing those 5 basic lessons entrepreneurs can learn from NARENDRA MODI.

To begin with, this post is based on NARENDRA MODI’s moves from 2016 till date. During this period he took some tough decisions for economic reform like DEMONETISATION and G.S.T. He took a tough stand after URI ATTACK. His party faced the election in one of the largest state of India, Uttar Pradesh and came out with flying colours. He initiated many campaigns like I AM NEW INDIA and appealed the masses to join the campaign.

And he can do all these things because he has a vision, an ambitious vision to build a new India. New India that is free from corruption, unemployment problem, terrorism, internal security etc. Though I can go on and on but for the benefit of you all I have confined this post to 5 basic lessons we can learn from Narendra Modi.


The RTI reveals, Narendra Modi has not taken a single day leave ever since he joined the office as Prime Minister in 2014. This kind of dedication is possible only if you are passionate about your dreams and vision. Nothing comes between him and his passion. Not even the erratic travel schedule. And this level of dedication ultimately brings success.

TAKEAWAY FOR ENTREPRENEURS: Passion is an important trait to be a successful entrepreneur. They genuinely love their work. They are always ready to work those extra hours to make the business succeed because there is a joy their business gives which goes beyond the money.


On 12th March 2017, he came up with a vision.. a vision of big change.. a vision of NEW INDIA. And he brought these vision with a mission and a timeline. By 2022 he sees new India as;

An India that is driven by innovation, hardwork and creativity of the youth

An India where women have equal opportunities and equal contribution.

An India where the poor and farmers are truly empowered.

An India characterised by peace, unity and brotherhood.

An India free from corruption, terrorism, black money and dirt.  

He appealed the masses to join this initiative and and take I AM NEW INDIA Pledge to fulfil this mission. So he shared his vision and motivated people to make his vision, the vision of all and work together to accomplish it.

“Our vision and commitment is towards the country’s progress, its place in the world and the happiness of its people” – Narendra Modi

TAKEAWAY FOR ENTREPRENEURS: Working without a vision is an exercise in futility. This will not lead your venture anywhere. So, define your vision and share it with all the stakeholders to accomplish the vision.

Click and watch the video to know what Narendra Modi says to Startup Entrepreneur 


When you are working on a vision to bring about change in the system that existed for 70 long years, you cannot do it alone. And Narendra Modi understands it very well. So he has been very selective about his team. From bureaucracy to ministerial positions to social media, Modi has a team that means business. And it is there for all to see how ministers like Sushma Swaraj, Suresh Prabhu and others are using social media effectively to solve people’s problems. So if today Modi is been able to give good result, its all thanks to his team who always delivers.

“We walk together, we move together, we think together, we resolve together, and together we take this country forward” – Narendra Modi 

TAKEAWAYS FOR ENTREPRENEURS: One cannot work in isolation. For a venture to flourish, entrepreneurs must invest on hiring exceptionally good set of team.


Date: 8th Nov 2016, Time: 8pm. This was the day when whole world stood still for a moment when Narendra Modi announced DEMONETISATION. This was the most daring decision he had taken ever. It led to an outrage in media and opposition. Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election was round the corner. And in India every one knows the importance of UP in Indian politics. Every one then said it will have an adverse effect on BJP as a party in UP election. This was the biggest risk Modi had taken. But his ability to take risk came from well prepared homework and  well researched data.

So Modi was least bothered about the criticism. And UP Election results proved him right. BJP won with the biggest mandate in 30 years of UP’s election history.

And now GST is yet another most debated and criticised topic at moment. But Modi and his team knows it is a much needed reform for the country.

TAKEAWAYS FOR THE ENTREPRENEURS: Do your homework and be ready to take tough decisions. It is risky but there is no other way round if you want to succeed in your business.

When most of the media was busy criticising Narendra Modi for Demonetisation I along with my business partner Basant Rai ran a signature campaign #WeAreWithNamo. Click the video and see how successful the campaign was.


Be it radio program – Mann ki Baat, Social Media or Narendra Modi App, Narendra Modi has kept the doors and windows open for communication with the masses. He interacts, takes feed backs and suggestions and share is thoughts on the regular basis through these medium. He never fails to appreciate the good work done by the masses and mentions them on Mann Ki Baat, talks to them on social media and follows few on twitter as well. [Ok Narendra Modi follows me as well on Twitter :)]

This way even masses feels connected with the Prime Minister of India. And it motivates the masses to contribute for the cause Modi is propagating.

TAKEAWAYS FOR ENTREPRENEURS: There should not be a communication between you and the stakeholders like employees, consumers, vendors etc because it is these stakeholders who helps you directly or indirectly in fulfilling your vision.

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