5 Cool Gift Ideas for your Entrepreneur Friend

5 Cool Gift Ideas for your Entrepreneur Friend

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As the founder partner of Melange Events and AJNA basant anuj, I know there are a few items that made my life as entrepreneur a lot more easier. So I’ve rounded up 5 gift ideas that saved my day. And I am sharing this to make your life easier as a friend to an entrepreneur. Because, most of the time selecting a perfect gift for an entrepreneur friend is a big challenge.

5 Cool Gift ideas for your Entrepreneur Friend

1. A Cool Wrist Watch

As a young entrepreneur the most precious resource your friend has at his disposal is TIME. Help him/her manage their time by giving a wrist watch as a gift.

Spend some time and thought while selecting the watch. It should go well with your friend’s hectic lifestyle. For example, this blue dial watch with leather strap goes well with formal meetings with the investors as well as a casual evening party.

Remember, as a gift for someone, wrist watch is the safest bet. Now you have no reason to waste your time thinking what to gift. And you very well know TIME IS MONEY.


2. A Khadi Shirt

As you know, KHADI is a hand spun, hand woven, eco friendly fabric. It is one of the most comfortable fabric. With your entrepreneur friend sweating the whole day for things to happen, he deserves more than the synthetic fabric.

So, why not gift a Khadi Shirt! Today, you get Khadi in all the colours and designs. Gifting Khadi also gives a sense of purpose to you and your friend. Because by buying a piece of Khadi fabric you are empowering the weavers (mostly women) at some corner of the village in India.

Gift a Khadi Shirt and let your entrepreneur friend create a lasting impression on people with his SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE looks.


3. Backup Phone Battery Charger

Knowing your friend’s daily schedule, I am sure you know why phone battery charger is in my list.

With extra power bank handy your friend will never miss that important call from his clients, investors or vendors.

So why not supply him/her with a backup phone battery charger. And even better a solar battery charger.

4. Coffee Maker

What is common between millions of entrepreneurs across the world?

They all are passionate about their ideas, business and COFFEE.. Yes! I said coffee. During and after the long hectic day, all an entrepreneur needs is nicely brewed coffee. Coffee allows them to start the day with energy and keep on rolling to make exciting things happen. They need it for the creative juices flowing all day long.

So, gift a coffee maker to your entrepreneur friend and help him/her brew their ideas into a successful venture.



5. Water Proof Notepads

Do you know most of unique ideas comes to your head while you are under the shower. And this happens more often with entrepreneurs.

A long shower helps you reach a more relaxed alpha/theta brain state and tap into deeper thinking. So, a good luxurious bath/shower stimulates creativity or tap into a deeper state of thinking. It can boost your energy or put you in a tranquil mindset. But the problem is, when you are in the deeper alpha/theta brain state as you shower, your memories are limited to about 15 seconds only!

So gift a waterproof notepad to your entrepreneur friend so that your friend can document all the ideas while taking shower itself.


As a family member or friend of an ambitious business owner, you can now show your support for their endeavour by getting them something they’ll really enjoy.

What are your gift ideas for your entrepreneur friend? Share with us on the Comment below.

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Anuj Singh

Anuj Singh is a first generation entrepreneur who believes in sanatan dharma & sustainable lifestyle. He has initiated many social ventures & campaigns to contribute his share for the vision of new India. He shares his thoughts as the Motivational and Keynote Speaker on Entrepreneurship & Life.

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