Prayagraj kumbh Mela 2019 experience 1

A Holy Dip Within! My experience and what I learned from Kumbh 2019

When I started my journey to take a holy dip in Triveni Sangam at Kumbh Mela, Prayagraj, I had no idea that I was on my way to take a Holy dip within! Sharing my Kumbh Mela 2019 experience and what I learned from it.. Kumbh Mela is a largest congregation of humanity in the world. […]

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Hair Beauty Makeup Nutrition & Personality Development Training Centre in Lucknow

Lucknow gets a state of art Academy for hair, makeup, nutrition and personality development courses

What happens when ex luxury hoteliers brainstorm their minds to start a new venture..! And decides to blend exquisite hospitality & salon services under one roof.. They came up with KOFFEURE LOUNGE – An Affordable Luxury Salon Services. And after running it successfully for years they recently launched KOFFEURE TRAINING ACADEMY in Lucknow. Hello! Helloo! […]

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Building new India with fabric of India

Building New India with the Fabric of India – Digiloom Weaving Dreams

DIGILOOM WEAVING DREAMS is a web Reality Series for aspiring and professional fashion Designers from India. Each episode  contestants face the challenge to create the best clothes within the restrictions of time, materials and theme. While theme and time limit varies in each episode, the fabric remains the same i.e, the fabric of India that includes […]

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clothing line production unit set up

Basic Production Unit Setup requirement to start your own Clothing Line

You have a dream! A dream to start your own clothing line.  You have worked on your niche, done your research.  Your business plan is ready. You have partnered with all the stake holders to start your business. And most importantly, you have acquired all the legal licences to start your business. Now, comes the […]

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