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GOMTI CONNECT: A platform for youths to connect, communicate and create new India

Our nation is filled with tremendous energy of the youth. Whatever future we desire of, we must keep the youth at the centre. If we do this, we can surge ahead at an unmatchable pace!” – Narendra Modi

With 65% of our population under the age of 35, India is the youngest nation in the world. Youths are our biggest strength. The success of our nation lies in the success of our our youths. And it will be a great wastage of human resources if we don’t engage with them. Therefore, a continuous positive dialog among the youths is a must to channelise their energy towards building a strong and empowered India.


With a vision to connect, communicate and create new India, Lucknow based entrepreneur duo ANUJ SINGH and BASANT RAI initiated GOMTI CONNECT on 24th June 2017.


GOMTI CONNECT serves as a platform for youths to come together and talk about their aspirations and inspire each other to forge ahead in the field of their choice. Be it entrepreneurship, Armed Force, Politics etc. It aims to empower the youths with a voice and opinion that make them strong independent citizen. A citizen, who is aware of his/her responsibilities towards his family, society and the nation. It inspires youths to actively participate in realising the vision of NEW INDIA.



  1. CONNECT: We use social media as an effective tool to connect with each other. Youths sitting at any corner of the world can connect and share their thoughts and ideas through the official hash-tag #GomtiConnect. Or you can register with GOMTI CONNECT by simply submitting the form.
  2. COMMUNICATE: Since GOMTI CONNECT is a platform for dialog so we use online and offline methods to communicate with each other. We organise GOMTI CONNECT Meet on every 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month at Gomti River View, Lucknow. We also organise YouTube Live chat sessions, interview with youths achievers and cover nation building events periodically on our official YouTube Channel ANUJ BASANT COMMUNICATIONS.
  3. CREATE: We, as a team conceptualise and execute inspiring online and offline campaigns and encourage youths to participate. The campaigns includes but not limited to Campaigns for Social Causes like #UPFloodRelief, Awareness Campaign like educating people about government policies, Youth Empowerment Campaigns like Entrepreneurship workshops etc.

With 15,000 + registered members as on 29th Jan 2018, now we are on the search for “GOMTI CONNECT CAMPUS AMBASSADORS”. 

CLICK HERE to know the latest about GOMTI CONNECT and watch the videos here.



Disclaimer: GOMTI CONNECT is a social media initiative to bring positive change in real world. It is NOT an NGO and we do NOT engage in any monetary transaction whatsoever.



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