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The world is changed by your example, NOT by your opinion.

– Paulo Coelho

Hi friends,

In today’s world when India is brimming a new horizon, Indian youths i.e, YOU have a major role to play. More than ever, today there is a need for YOU to connect, communicate and create a new India that can lead the world. More than ever, there is a need for YOU to nurture the leader within yourself and inspire others to dream, participate and bring change in the society.

GOMTI CONNECT Campus Ambassador offers you the chance to do just that – to take the initiative and build new India.


  1. To inspire Youths to dream. to participate and take initiatives to build new India.
  2. To groom the world’s next generation of leaders and citizens.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. As Campus Ambassadors YOU will be organising different activities in your Campus. The activities includes but not limited to seminars, panel discussions, literary and cultural programs. The topic ranges from entrepreneurship, politics, fashion and lifestyle, media, philanthropy etc.
  2. YOU will be creating a team of volunteers in your college and will lead the team to perform different activities.
  3. YOU may initiate, conceptualise and execute your ideas with the help of the team of our experts and your college volunteers.

Rewards and intensives

  1. YOU shall be positioned as a role a role model to the greatest impact on young people’s opinion.
  2. YOU shall be meeting and interacting with the think tanks of India from various fields.
  3. YOU get an access to the exclusive events organised by us and our associates.
  4. YOU get to endorse products by various fashion and lifestyle brands
  5. Grooming session by experts
  6. Certificate on the completion of the tenure.
  7. Voice your choice on our YouTube Channel.

GOMTI CONNECT is a network of young dynamic visionaries and leaders, actively inspiring youths and setting them on the path of positive growth thereby transforming the society to build a new India.

Or simply put, GOMTI CONNECT is a platform for youths to connect, communicate and create new INDIA.


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